Portrait Sculpture
The course that will teach you sculpture from scratch
We have combined in the course everything you need to plunge into the world of sculpture. You no longer have to be specially educated, be able to draw, or sculpt. We have worked out and built the course so that everyone can cope with it.
What will give you this course?
We base our work on the rule of "from the skull to portrait", which means that you will get a complete understanding of the anatomy of a human face. Bones, muscles, adipose tissues will remain unknown in no one's face. You will model a skull, turn it into an écorché, and then into a full-fledged portrait made from life.
Course Benefits
Teaching methods are based on the comprehension and analysis of the theory, and not on copying after the teacher.
We provide everything you need
Clay, frameworks, stacks, aprons, pencils and paper. Professional tools in the professional workshop.
Attention and concern
During the practice, the teacher guides every student's work and comments on it.
Intensive program
10 working days of studying, for 5 hours each with break for a weekends
Who will benefit from this course?
The course is organized in such a simple and clear manner that it will open the door to the world of sculpture to anyone
Your drawing will soar to new heights thanks to the high-quality treatment of the anatomy, construction schemes and modelling of all forms
Doll masters
The freedom of stylization comes only with full perception of the original. A strong portrait is an essential part of any doll conception
Why did we create this course?
Sculpt Art School began with the development of "Portrait Sculpture". We strove to create the atmosphere and the program that would be most productive for students.
The course is based on a progressive movement from the skull to portrait, which allows organizing the program so that not only in the face but in the whole structure of the human head, not a single place remains unstudied.
Every bone, every muscle.
Our goal is to create works of art, convey the skill through sculpture and teach others to see, understand and admire the unique beauty of each person.
We processed and studied a great amount of information, plunged into the skull as at the ultimate realisation of engineering. Profound analysis of the anatomy of the head allowed us to structure and work out knowledge system so that any person could study a portrait as a constructor.
Complementing the course with many years of teaching and professional experience as well as with mastery, we have obtained one of the most powerful courses, leaving which without knowledge is simply impossible.
Course teachers
The best sculptors-teachers hold and improve each group signed up for Portrait Sculpture.
Sergei Li
School Manager and Co-teacher
Member of Russian Artists Union
Alexander Spiridonov
School founder
Professional sculptor and restorer
Classes organization
Every lecture contains examples facilitating a more complete subject study and easier assimilation of the material. Moreover, the notes are specially prepared for convenient sketching by the teacher
During classes, we use the manuals we developed, and a pocket skull will be given to you as a gift
It is always with sketches that practice with a life model begins. This helps to tune your mind on work with the silhouette and focus on the subject of the lesson
Teacher shows some particular elements on his work, and students reproduce it in their own works
Feedbacks on the course
Pavel Katunin
I've finished the course Portrait Sculpture. At first, I thought that I would take the course only to improve the drawing, but now the sculpture represents an absolutely independent direction for me. I had an opportunity to discuss all the blind spots and some small issues with Alexander and Daria. They are responsive and always ready to help. The course helps to quickly learn the anatomy of the head. The studio is so cool — everything is fashionable, stylish and trendy. I also would like to take the course "Plastic anatomy of the body".
Kristina Brovko
It exceeded my expectations! I am delighted with the course program and the knowledge gained. Great atmosphere, my best recollection for this year. Teachers are real masters of their craft, they give very valuable information, and above all else — experience. Thank you all for having significantly contributed to my knowledge that I have acquired and now keep carrying. And, of course, I hope I could still come back here. Here you can relax the mind, talk to aficionados and art admirers who love and value their work and do everything for quality. I'll miss everyone very much, thanks again.:) P.S .: Special thanks for the goodies!
Alyona Bakurova
I learned about this school from Instagram, from classmates at the drawing course at "SkillsUp" and from colleagues. I also took part in a workshop with Pavel Terekhov, where it was very interesting to watch digital and analogue modelling at the same time. For a long time, I had been looking for something comprehensible about anatomy, because, Scott Eaton, of course, is not bad, but without normal feedback, it is still difficult. In Sculpt Art, everything is explained very intelligibly and clearly, the amount of information is enormous, its presentation is on point. Daria and Alexanders, if necessary, are always ready to patiently and 100500 times repeat or explain incomprehensible moments.
I plan to take as well "Drapery figure", and to fix the anatomy of the head in a female portrait and sketches. I highly recommend the course to all 3D artists working with organics, especially those who have poor background knowledge of anatomy or lack art education as such. Besides, it is very cool, the guys in the studio have their own atmosphere. And by the way, Bob, the pocket little skull, likes his new working area ☺.
10 days of studying, 2 days of weekends
Each study day
Per day
5 hours
142 EUR
How much for the course?
We wanted to make the course affordable for everyone, that's why the price is so low
1 700 EUR
Photos from the course
Our photographer takes photos of each group, and all students receive high-quality pictures with their works
Portrait sculpture
Course content
10 classes of 5 clock hours
Stage 1
Divided to 8 classes consisting of a lecture, trace drawing and practice
Proportions and General Form
We analyze the division of the cranium and facial module, the main construction lines, we model the general form, the eye socket and the silhouette of the mandible
Periocular area bones
The frontal and zygomatic bones in theory and in practice
Maxilla and mandible bones
Zygomatic arch, piriform aperture, dentition, the mental protuberance, condyloid process and coronoid process of the mandible
Temporal bone, sphenoid bone, parietal bone, occipital bone. Their commissures, shape facets, construction lines
Eye area
Periocular area bones, eyelids, eyeball, lower eyelids (eye bags)
Lips and melolabial area
Labial and genian muscles of expression, vermillions, modiolus. Adipose and soft facial tissues, cheekbone, nasolabial and jowl volume.
Nose and ear
Muscles of mastication, nasal bones and cartilages, auricula
Osseocartilaginous neck structure, external, формообразующие and internal muscles of the neck
Stage 2
Practical classes with a life model. Sketches and modelling with the teacher
General form
Introductory lecture on modelling from life, search for a common sign and character of the model
Average forms
Average volumes refinement and work with individual facial features
Small forms
Detailed modelling of the nose and lips
Detailing and refinement
Modelling of the ears, neck and hair plasticity
Final touches
Modelling of the eyes and finishing work
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