Sculpture studio in Saint-Petersburg
School of sculpture and anatomy, art workshop, art store
Dear friends!
My name is Alexander Spiridonov. I'm the founder of the creative sculptural space Sculpt Art. My enthusiasm for sculpture emerged at the age of 6, I have been teaching since 17, and for all my life, these two processes have been going hand in hand with me.

I got to teach in different institutions: art school, art Lyceum, Restoration Art Institute. However, the administration of none of the above has allowed creating the atmosphere and program that I considered productive for students. Once, I have told this to my mentor, who replied: "Alexander, what's the problem? Think up your work and settle it on!" These words inspired me and gave life to a new project.
Our goal is not only to build up works of art or convey sculptural skills, but it is to teach other people to see, to comprehend and admire the unique beauty of each person.
In the year 2014, I sat down to develop the first course
It all started with the "Portrait Sculpture". I was interested in thinking over every small point. I drew, made turntables, frameworks, stacks, prescribed the curriculum, taught, and then molded with students their works. I was creating a school in which I would like to study myself. Its basic principles and features were laid already then: modularity, the elaboration of the theory and practice studies, a space filled with comfort and concern for the student.
Traditions and quality
Sculpt Art studio is equipped according to the best traditions of Italian and American colleagues with the use of our experience as well as ideas in organizing space.

Turntables, frameworks and sculpture tools are manufactured by the best masters of St. Petersburg according to our drawings.
Strong team
Currently, 19 people work regularly
Sculpture workshop
We carry out orders for creative works, restoration, molding and casting
Sculptor's store
In which you can buy quality manuals, tools and materials for sculptors
Author courses
10 Unique programs developed with perfectionism
Hundreds of students
Within 6 years, more than 800 have graduated from our school
Biggest private school of sculpture in Russia
3 equipped studios in the city center, a strong team of professionals and regular courses
Our values
We do quality. Because anyone can do "not quality"
A pleasant and productive atmosphere can work wonders for any creative person. Our team brings it to all the endeavours of the studio
We are never greedy to share something useful with those who work or study with us. Whether knowledge, skills or resources
Our clients and partners
Please contact us if you are interested in cooperation
Sculpt Art
+7 (952) 219-90-75
Saint Petersburg, museum "Artmuza"
13th line of Vasilievsky island, 72, cab. 412 (4 floor)