Portrait, plastic anatomy of the body, concept art
About the courses
The founder of Sculpt Art is a sculptor, restoration artist and teacher. His name is Alexander Spiridonov, it is a man of persistent creative energy, and a great desire to share knowledge. Having studied the anatomy of the human body for ten years, in total with 11 years of teaching experience, led Alexander to the creation of his own technique. The latest has been brought to perfection over the 5 years of the studio existence.
Classes are thought out and structured by the minute. For each class, the lecture material, as well as the plan for a practical lesson with a life model, have been formed.
The basis and difference of our school consist in a strong and clear technique
Any student who has come to Sculpt Art graduates with a full range of knowledge and practical skills. But that is not all. We know that the basis of teaching resides in the repetition and consolidation of the material. We keep devoting attention to the graduates. We regularly organize practice with a life model, provide co-working for independent work in our equipped workshop, and we work on new courses for professionals. We do everything so that our students do not just attend sculpture courses, but are constantly in an ambience of creative growth
What makes our school unique
Quality technique
Only we have a clear learning plan
Teaching methods are based on the comprehension and analysis of the theory, and not on copying after the teacher
The strongest anatomy
The level of anatomy analysis in courses is so profound that even our surgical students appreciated it
You can revise the theory for free and an infinite number of times in repeated courses
What the course will be like
Within 5 years of teaching, we have perfected everything to the smallest detail and an ideal balance
Lecture block
Studying and detailed anatomy trace drawing, analysis of examples on life models as well as on the sculptural works
Modelling step by step. Teacher shows, students are repeating
Working only from life
We do not economize. We study sculpture at a professional level with a life model during each lesson
Teaching aids
Students are provided with all the prepared teaching aids, notes for anatomy trace drawing, and for classes, we give out all the tools and materials for modelling
Attention and concern
During the practice, the teacher guides every student's work and comments on it
Courses compensation
A missed course is not a problem for our students, as we will provide a video of the lecture part as well as the opportunity to practice after hours
Basic courses
Immerse yourself in the world of sculpture and anatomy
Portrait sculpture
14 classes
Locals: 19 000 ₽
Foreigners: 1 700 EUR

  • Any level, including beginners
  • Each course consists of a lecture part and practice with a life model
  • An engineering look at the skull, muscles, facial expressions and soft tissues
  • Gender, ethnic, and age features
  • Step-by-step modelling of all the elements passed

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Plastic anatomy of the body
21 classes
Stage 1: 22 000 ₽
Stage 2: 13 000 ₽
Not available for foreigners yet
  • Medium difficulty
  • The first 14 lessons represent the lecture part and practice with a life model, the last 7 — practical part and reinforcement of knowledge gained
  • Voluminous and most useful course
  • From a detailed analysis of the anatomy to the creation of a serious work
  • A separate study of the lecture or practical part of the course is possible

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Sculptural studies
4 classes
1000 ₽ per class for locals

  • Any level
  • Male portrait, female portrait, male figure, female figure
  • Discounts for Sculpt Art students
  • Beginners will have an opportunity to get acquainted with clay and plasticine. Students — to create and practice
  • Come check out any lesson or all of them at once

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Advanced level
Upgrade your skills
Fantasy character
18 classes
18 500 ₽
Not available for foreigners yet

  • Medium difficulty
  • The full path from the character concept development to its embodiment in sculpture
  • Entirely creative work: from searching for ideas and composition to working with references, creating a framework and step-by-step character modelling
  • Optional molding and solid casting are possible

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Portrait Sculpture 2.0
10 classes
12 500 Р
Not available for foreigners yet
  • Advanced level. Continuation of the course "Portrait Sculpture. Base"
  • Modelling a quick miniature portrait, lectures and complex practice with a life model
  • This course is developed to consolidate the knowledge gained during the basic one
  • Analysis of ethnic characteristics, in-depth complex practice in a new format and with a life model

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Hand & forearm
9 classes
11 000 ₽
Not available for foreigners yet

  • Advanced level. Continuation of the course "Plastic Anatomy of the body"
  • Lecture part + modelling of male and female hands from life
  • A detailed study of bones and muscles from the elbow to the tips of the fingers

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Drapery figure
6 classes
7 000 ₽
Not available for foreigners yet

  • Advanced level. Continuation of the course "Plastic Anatomy of the body"
  • Stage 1: body modelling from life
    Stage 2: lectures and practice on drawing draperies
  • Analysis of the basic laws of different tissues constructive expressiveness. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills in working with the main drapery type

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Brian Booth Craig

We're inviting famous master to conduct the female figure course in our school
6 - 13 July
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Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
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Portrait Sculpture, Studies
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Registration for courses, payment and classes coordination
Alexander Spiridonov
School founder
Course development and conduction
Kirill Solovyov
Drapery figure, Hand & forearm
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Marketing, automatization, management
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Workshop, casting
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Hand & forearm, Plastic anatomy of the body
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